Travel Prep

The weeks sure are flying by!   We’ve had some sickness here this past week.  Eight out of 13 have been affected thus far.  Five of us are still holding out hope that we will escape.  Thankfully the sickness isn’t of long duration, but when it attacks one person at a time, it can take awhile to get through 13 people.  The sick ones have slept a good portion of the time and haven’t wanted to eat, so it would have been more convenient if we all got it at the same time preferably during the snowstorms.  That way we didn’t have to go anywhere and didn’t have to cook!  We could all hibernate for a day or two.  Of course, that is not real life.

I’ve started several lists to help me get organized and stay organized, but I still don’t feel on top of things.  There are so many other responsibilities to deal with.  Today it was taxes.  It’s a relief having them done and out of the way.  Getting that refund will also be a blessing!  I’ve gathered most of the paperwork we need to take with us and have started packing up the gifts for the girls.  Besides a special gift for each one, we are taking several crafts and games to do with them during our visiting time.  It will be quite interesting communicating with them since they don’t know English and we don’t know Russian.  I worked on learning Russian for several weeks, but the past two weeks it has had to take a back seat to other priorities.  I hope I don’t forget everything I learned.

I still need to learn how to use that I-pad.  Hopefully by the time we’re home I’ll have figured it out.  The kids are hoping I figure it out before then so they can communicate with us while we are away.  It’s going to be difficult leaving them all behind for a couple of weeks.  We’ve never been away from them longer than a few days at a time.  Thankfully there are plenty of older ones to take charge and make sure things continue to run smoothly.  I’m sure they will all work together well.

I’ve been looking at this computer a little too long today.  My head is starting to ache.  I’d better move on to something else before I can’t see straight.  Now where are those lists?


Traveling Soon!

This is the third time I have started to write a post and there just wasn’t time to do it justice.  I’ll give it another try.  Our biggest news is that we have received our travel dates! God has also blessed us with traveling companions who live less than an hour from us and are adopting from the same country.  We are excited about that!

There is much to do to get ready.  I’m already experiencing information overload.  I am a list person and my lists are not written as yet, so the preparation seems formidable.  Tomorrow my goal is to sit down and organize all the information, forming check-off lists so I have less chance of forgetting something important.  I still have some shopping to do which should probably be done before the big snow comes that is predicted for Thursday.

Today I finally finished the quilt and made up the fourth bed.  It feels good to have that project completed.  Now if the other projects were only so stress-free.  I still have to learn how to use an I-pad so that we can keep in contact with the family while we are away.  Learning to use today’s technology is physically, mentally, and emotionally draining!  Why just last week, my upper back and shoulders were so tight after sitting at the computer booking our train and flight tickets, that I could barely move without pain.  I determined that it was due to stress for now I am feeling fine.  This adoption has really stretched me technologically.  I’ve experienced a lot of firsts:  scanning and attaching documents to emails, booking travel tickets online, using Facebook (still don’t know what I’m doing with that), and setting up the I-pad (I actually just watched.)

Tonight I decided to learn something less technical, so I sat down with a rainbow loom to practice making rubber band bracelets.  I’m taking a couple looms with me to give to the girls and to have something to do while we are visiting them.  Less technical?!  What a joke!  The printed directions are microscopic making them difficult to read.  “Find the other Band that connects Posts 35 & 38.  Pick the end of that Band that is around Post 38 and loop it over Post 34.”  What?  Which one is 34?  I have to consult the chart.  It would have been nice if the loom itself was numbered.  I managed to get to the “finishing off” section, but when the bracelet fell apart as soon as I removed it from the loom, I decided I did something wrong.  Maybe I was rushing a little too much.  My dad always said, “If at first you don’t succeed, read the directions!”  Thanks, Daddy.  Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow.  Or maybe I’ll just give them to the girls and get them to teach me!