Abundant Provision

Wow!  Where has this month gone?  Already we are less than a week from Christmas, and as usual I am behind schedule.  But then, most of us around here are wondering when we will ever be on schedule again!  Our first few weeks of school did go according to plan, but since then?….  It’s a wonder school is even getting done.  If it weren’t for my diligent and independent students, I’m afraid we’d be way behind.

Preparing for the adoption has taken a lot of effort.  The paperwork alone was all-consuming at times.  Now that the majority of that is behind us for awhile, we are concentrating on getting the bedrooms in order.  We began by cleaning out the storage closet in order to make room for a dresser and chest of drawers.  The girls then rag-painted the bedroom walls, and Jim built drawers to go under the present bunk bed.  He also built two new bookshelves and is in the process of building a new bunk bed.  When this bed is finished, he will build a trundle bed to go under another bunk.  It’s a blessing to have a husband who is creative and works well with his hands.  Thank you, Jim.








Wednesday we received some very encouraging news.  We have been given a generous grant from christianorphanfund.org to help with the expenses of our adoption.  We are so thankful to the leaders of this organization who have a heart for orphans and adoptive parents.  We were impressed with the mission statement of this group which says, “We believe Christian parents whom God has given the desire to adopt an orphan, particularly one with special needs, should not be hindered by a lack of funds. We aim to reduce the initial financial burden of adoption for those Christian parents willing to love adopted children and raise them in a Christian environment.”  It is the goal of Christian Orphan Fund (COF) to “solicit, collect, and distribute cash contributions to support orphan adoptions and orphan care, consistent with Christian values.”  We are so blessed to be recipients of these love gifts.

I have been overwhelmed of late with the faithfulness of God and His provision for our family.  Over and over God has reminded me that He owns everything.  I do not have to fear not having enough.  I can give freely knowing that I can never out give God.  The first week of December was an example of God’s abundant provision.  There is a lady who comes into the market where Jim works and brings him day old bread.  That week she brought in the equivalent of 4-6 garbage bags full of bread and bagels!!  We had so much that we were able to share it with 3 other large families.  Jim also brought home a fully-cooked Thanksgiving turkey, donuts, pies, several bunches of bananas and grapes, sticky buns, melons, lettuce, several quarts of strawberries, raspberries, and black raspberries, as well as 7 gallons of milk.  All of these items did not sell and would have been discarded if we did not take them. The same week, more than once, Heidi brought home leftover hotdogs and soft pretzels from her job which our children willingly devoured for lunch.  On Sunday of that week, a family from church offered us not one, not two, but three turkeys which they had in their freezer.  Is God able to provide?  Without a doubt!


We’re Submitted!!

What sweet relief!  Word came around noon today that our dossier has indeed been submitted in country.  It was only then that I realized how nervous and anxious I have been while waiting for the news.  I kept telling myself that God’s timing is best, even if it turns out to be different than what we think is best.  This was the last day for submissions until mid-January.  Appointments in country have been running 8-12 weeks after submission.  Because we made the deadline, it looks as though we could be traveling sometime during the first three months of 2014.  We are happy about that because it is the slower time at the farmer’s market where Jim works and he can more easily be away.  We don’t want to cause any more inconvenience to Jim’s boss than is necessary.

Thank you to all who have prayed for us thus far.  Please continue to remember us.  Right now my mind is feeling a little sluggish and the words are not flowing very well.  Perhaps in the next post I will share a little about the preparations we have made thus far to make room for four more girls.