Laughter Relieves Stress

The USCIS request for evidence letter arrived and after confirming by telephone whether the documents I gathered were sufficient, they were sent and should have arrived in the USCIS mailroom yesterday (Monday, Nov. 4) by 10:30 a.m.  Now we are waiting for the documents to reach the officer’s desk so a decision can be made as to our approval.  I was told last week that there shouldn’t be a problem getting approval as long as they had proof that our financial records are as stated in the home study.  So with that hope we continue to wait.

Waiting is hard.  Waiting demands some comic relief.  That isn’t too hard to find around here when there are so many comedians to choose from.  Last week Isaac brought home an interesting character from market, who was an immediate hit.  Josiah said we were going to keep him forever, but unfortunately he was not of the lasting kind.  The children posed with him, played with him, dressed him up, but he has now found his way to the resting place of all other characters like himself.  His presence in our home brought much laughter to our home and we thank Isaac for being sensitive to our need for stress relief.  I’ve included a few pictures of our special friend.






Later in the week I was cleaning up the kitchen when two intriguing individuals entered and began conversing with each other.  It was all I could do to continue working without laughing and spoiling the show.  I have yet to figure out what the game was about, but the costumes were quite creative.  Thank you, Josiah and Samuel, for filling our home with laughter.





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