Fingerprinting Is DONE!

The fingerprinting appointments went well on Monday.  We had 8 appointments scheduled between 1:00 and 3:00, so were pleasantly surprised when we were out of there by 1:40 p.m.   It must have been a slow day as no one else was waiting.  We took two cars because the van was at the mechanic’s.  Because of that, I also brought our emergency cell phone, just in case the two cars became separated.  I didn’t think until later that the only other person with a cell phone (Heidi) was riding in the same car with me and, therefore, we couldn’t have contacted the other car if we did get separated!  I just am not used to all this technology and rarely think about cell phones.  (I scarcely know how to use one!  I know you are probably thinking how can anyone NOT know how to use a cell phone, but remember, I really WAS born in a different century than the present one!)  In spite of all that, it was good that we had a phone with us as we had to call home for one of the boys to retrieve the social security numbers of those who have not memorized them as yet.  Alyssa had asked me if we needed SS#s, but I insisted that the appointment letters from the USCIS said we only needed photo IDs and the appointment letters.  That is what the letters said, but I should have taken Alyssa’s suggestion to be on the safe side.

And what about the van?  The mechanic checked the fuel pump and said it tested fine.  He couldn’t find anything else wrong, so we have the van home again.  So, did the van break down on Sunday so that we would take two cars on Monday and therefore the cell phone in order to call for SS#s that we didn’t have with us?  I don’t know.  It’s beyond my understanding.  I do know that God is going before us every step of the way in this adoption journey.  We can trust Him.  I also know that the fingerprinting is complete, we have a USCIS officer assigned to our case, and we should be receiving our approval in the next few days.

And, since this is Wednesday and Awana night, and since I am teaching the group-time lesson and have to be there, AND since the van left me stranded the past two Wednesday nights….I gave Jim the privilege of driving the van to work today!


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