A Stalled Van–A Blessing in Disguise

God’s hand is continually upon us, guiding us and protecting us.  Wednesday evening before leaving for Awana, we had another interesting issue with the van.  It wouldn’t start.  Now I know this van is 17 years old, but it has always been dependable.  Jim is faithful at maintaining it, so to have 2 issues in a week’s time right before leaving for Awana seemed a bit laughable.  For the second time, the five boys and I piled into Naomi’s 5-person Honda in order to make it to Awana on time.   Naomi usually works on Wednesday evenings, so it was a blessing that she was home these past two Wednesdays and that her car was available to use.  I was thankful that I was again stranded at home and not out on the road somewhere.  Of course when Jim tried to start the van on Thursday, it started for him, thus we did nothing about having it checked.  It was not driven again until this morning when we went to church.  We had no trouble until we pulled into the parking lot, at which point the engine stalled.  After another start, a stall, a start, and a stall, we managed to roll backwards into a parking space where the van sat for the remainder of the morning.  A friend said it sounds as though the fuel pump is having problems.  After church we were able to get it started and were followed home by a sweet lady from church.  The van is now safely parked in the driveway and the mechanic will definitely be called in the morning.

So what’s the point?  Doesn’t everyone have car troubles at times?  Yes, but not everyone has USCIS biometric fingerprinting appointments tomorrow afternoon.  We cannot be late or miss these appointments or our whole USCIS application will be considered abandoned.  Isn’t it gracious of God to allow the van to have problems today so that we would not be stranded somewhere tomorrow and miss our appointments?



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