Divine Protection

There are days when you just know that God is watching over you and protecting you.  Wednesday of this week was one of those days.  It had been a busy day with the painters here and people running in and out.  Hannah had taken the van out for a quick trip to the store, and, upon returning, had to park the van some distance from its usual spot.  When it was time to leave for Awana, Isaac offered to pull the van up to the house.  After doing so, he came in and mentioned that the brake pedal felt a little strange.  He was right.  The pedal went straight to the floor when depressed.  I tried backing up and stopping, but when the brakes did not respond, I panicked and hit the emergency brake.  We stopped!  There would be no driving of the van that night.  A brake line had broken depositing brake fluid onto the driveway.  We got to Awana on time by cramming six of us into Naomi’s Honda Civic.  All the way there, I was praising God that Hannah didn’t have a problem when she was driving and that the brake line broke while we were sitting in the driveway.  God’s timing really is perfect.


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