Two Kinds of Clutter

What do I say when it seems there is nothing to say?  I am supposed to keep you all informed of our adoption journey, but right now we are in wait mode.  Nothing has changed in the past week except that the mess in my bedroom has been cleared away somewhat, and now there is a new mess in the guest room.  The painters have finished in the kitchen and have moved to the dining room, thus some of the dining room furniture is now in the guest room.  I have two days to clear that out before my sister arrives to use the guest room.  Right now she would be hard pressed to find the bed let alone get to it.

Clutter and I do not get along very well.  Like most people, I have my share of it, but I do not like it.  It steals my joy.  It steals my peace.  It is like an intruder that sneaks in and quietly makes itself at home, thinking I won’t notice.  Oh, I notice, but sometimes I am just too lazy to immediately take care of the problem.  I’ll get to it later when I have time.  By then it is a major problem.  It reminds me a little bit of sin.  A little griping here, a bad attitude there, a thankless heart, a judgmental comment, an apathetic response, all adding up to a cluttered mess within me.  Which kind of clutter do I prefer?  Actually, neither, but the clutter in my heart is the worst.  It has to go.  Change my heart, O God.  Fill me with your Spirit.

Now let’s tackle these rooms.


One thought on “Two Kinds of Clutter

  1. Oh, yes… the clutter. Thank you for the reminder that dealing with it before it gets too far is the best way. It’s a good thing that the Lord’s mercies are new every morning! I love you, my friend.

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