Tired, But Blessed

We are back from our whirlwind trips to Virginia, the first to Andrew’s wedding in Newport News and the second to Andrew’s apartment near Patrick Henry College.  I hardly know where to begin since my mind is in a bit of a fog.  Guess I need a couple of days to unwind and settle back into routine here at home.  We left very early on Friday morning (3:45 a.m.) in order to avoid the traffic around Baltimore and D.C.  It was a good trip although I admit to closing my eyes through D.C.  I WAS really tired, but it helped my nerves not to watch all the cars racing down the highway at 75+ mph.  I really am a country girl.

Arriving at 8:30 a.m. for the 4:00 p.m. wedding rehearsal, we took a little detour and walked through Colonial Williamsburg.  The parking lot was basically empty when we arrived, so we had the whole place to ourselves.


Of course, we were not buying tickets for our family of 13, so we enjoyed a leisurely walk instead.  We met a local historian taking her daily walk, and she  engaged us in conversation, enchanting us with tidbits of information.  She offered us a private tour if we were ever in the area again.  Williamsburg was the site of Andrew and Crista’s first picture together.  It was the site of their engagement.  We enjoyed trying to find the places we had seen in their pictures.  Although we didn’t see inside any of the buildings, we enjoyed our visit and felt rich when we left.  We ate our picnic lunch outside the visitor’s center before heading off to Newport News.


The children were appalled at all the coins people threw away!


Heidi and Samuel are the best of friends.


A little monkey in a tree!


Jim and Linda.


The face in the tree.


Isaac and Elisha in the pillory.


You didn’t know being in the pillory could be so much fun!


Simeon and Isaac in the stocks. Samuel and Josiah want to try them out, too.


Isaac and Alyssa resting after our leisurely walk.

Being new to the area, we never did quite figure out where we were going.  We went from Williamsburg to Crista’s house, from her house to the motel, from the motel to Langley Air Force Base for the rehearsal, from the base to the restaurant for the dinner, from the restaurant back to the motel.  I can’t tell you how many times we got turned around, and I can’t tell you where each of those places was in relation to the other.  I felt positively dizzy some of the time.  But, we somehow managed to get everywhere we needed to be at least close to the time we needed to be there.

The wedding on Saturday was beautiful and the weather for the outdoor reception was perfect.  I’m sure I cannot describe it half as well as pictures.  I made it through the whole service without crying.  I had already done that at the rehearsal!  It was just so beautiful to see my firstborn standing up on the platform making his vows to Crista.  I was so proud of him.  Jim opened the service while Crista’s dad walked her up the aisle.  Then her dad, who is an air force chaplain, took over and performed the ceremony.  It was a God-honoring service.  There was even a touch of humor with Mr. Richey’s pronouncement, “Andrew, you may now kiss your bride on the lips for a change!”  Crista is the perfect bride for Andrew.  We are so blessed to welcome her into our family.


Josiah fell asleep on the way to the wedding.


The chapel at Langley Air Force Base was decorated with tulle and wildflowers. The wedding gown hanging at the back of the chapel was Crista’s grandmother’s.


Naomi is being productive while waiting for pictures.




Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Herr!


Our newest daughter, Crista Herr!


Andrew and Crista being chauffeured to the reception in Andrew’s 1992 Lincoln.


Isaac, you are supposed to be chauffeuring, not hamming for the camera!


Greeted by Mr. and Mrs. Richey as the happy couple arrives at the reception.


Naomi enjoying scones and spiced cider with Aunt Wendy, and cousins Grace, Rachel, Maryrose, and Rebekah.


Isaiah enjoying time with his friends Gideon, Silas, and Caleb. What handsome young men!


Samuel, Kenan, and Josiah feeling like little grown-ups!


Two little princesses, Lorelei and Cosette.


Beautiful wedding cakes created by Mrs. Richey and friends.

We spent Saturday evening visiting with friends and family, then drove home on Sunday. We were so ready to get out of the car after waiting for an accident to be cleared off the road and after missing a turn and having to double back again.  We were not totally excited about driving again on Monday, but that was the plan.  Jim, Heidi, Isaac, and I left before 6:00 a.m. to head to Andrew’s apartment in order to paint and clean before he and Crista move in.  We had visions of staying overnight to complete the job, but we ran out of paint.  We were able to clean the appliances, cabinets, blinds, floors, furniture, and bathroom.  It was a big job, but we were glad to bless them with a clean apartment.  We were also glad to sleep in our own beds last night rather than on the hardwood floor.

It was late afternoon yesterday when I called home to see how everyone was faring. Naomi greeted me with the good news that we all received our biometrics (fingerprinting) appointments!  They are scheduled for October 21 which is a Monday!!  Monday is the one day of the week that everyone in our household is home.  That is a real answer to prayer!  Now we can all go together and no one has to ask off work or reschedule their appointment.  We also received notice that our documents have been handed over to the facilitator handling our adoption in Eastern Europe.  That is a blessing, too.  Just to have them out of my hands is a relief!

Another blessing is that our family sponsorship page on Reece’s Rainbow went up almost $1600 while we were away!  Thank you to all those who contributed to our adoption fund.  You have truly blessed us.  We continue to rely on God to supply all that is needed for this adoption.


One thought on “Tired, But Blessed

  1. Hey what a neat weekend that you guys enjoyed. Great to see pictures of everyone again. …and to hear of the progression and forward movement with the adoptions.

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