On Their Way

This has been quite a busy week around here.  I’m happy to report that all of our documents received apostilles on Tuesday and after being mailed, arrived safely on the doorstep of the family who is leaving for Eastern Europe tomorrow.  They will hand carry our documents and deliver them to the team who is facilitating the adoption.  It turns out that this family’s oldest son attended college with our son, Andrew, who is getting married on Saturday!  Isn’t that a special blessing from God?  I love seeing how God connects people.

Once the documents were in the mail, I began the mad rush to get ready for the upcoming wedding.  I had two days to make sure all the boys had shoes, shirts, and pants that fit.  How did everyone grow so much over the summer?  Today we have been busy mending, packing, making sandwiches, and emptying out the closets and vanity drawers in the bathrooms.  You may say, what does cleaning out the bathrooms have to do with a wedding?  Well, the best time to paint bathrooms is when they are unoccupied.  That only happens when the 13 occupants are out of the house for the day.  So, while we are enjoying a beautiful wedding, the painter will be laboring away.  We will return to freshly painted bathrooms, and, yes, a terrible mess in my bedroom.  Clutter is one of my stressors.  I’m glad the light will be off when I head to bed in a few short minutes.  I won’t have to look at it until morning!


2 thoughts on “On Their Way

  1. I am so happy Anastasia (and Soleil) are going to be a part of your family. When we were just looking into adoption, Anastasia stole my heart, esp. her description (i think at that time it read something like: “She put the prettiest dress on, hoping that her family would like her and choose her”…)/ We inquired about her, but with our oldest child being 4yo at the time, we were advised to adopt a younger child. Which we did. Sophie has been home for 2.5 years. But I still prayed once in a while for a family for Anastasia, and that prayer was answered in you all! God bless you!

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