The Giver

It is quiet here in my house on this Saturday morning.  It’s a sleep-in day for all those children who find it an effort to wake up by 7:00 a.m. on school days.  I love early mornings.  They are so peaceful.  My mind is renewed as I focus on the Lord and ask Him to take charge of my day.  I’ve been storing up ideas to share with you on this blog.  Today I would like to share my favorite blessing from this summer.

Earlier this spring we made the decision not to purchase flowers to make hanging baskets.  We knew there would be a lot of adoption-related expenses this summer.  This was a big sacrifice for me, for I love flowers.  I am NOT a gardener, but I love the beauty of flowers.  For the past several years I had ferns that I saved through the winter and would hang out on the porches.  We finally disposed of them last year because they were looking so pathetic.  So, this year there was absolutely nothing to hang from the porches.  Every time I drove in the driveway, I would see my flowerless porches and remind myself that I was giving up flowers for a good reason.  I could do this!  What are flowers compared to children who have no families?

I never even prayed and asked God to supply us with flowers, but guess what?  God brought us flowers!!  They came in four installments throughout the summer, and they were all free, complements of Jim’s boss.  He didn’t even know of my sacrifice.  They were just flowers that didn’t sell at the market and which he didn’t want to return to his greenhouse.  He offered them to Jim, and Jim willingly brought them home, planted them, and watered them.

Is God amazing?!!  He gives and He gives and He gives.  I want to be like Him.September 4, 2013 (5)September 4, 2013 (4)September 4, 2013 (3)September 4, 2013 (6)September 4, 2013 (1)September 12, 2013 (1)


5 thoughts on “The Giver

  1. Howdy! I saw your blog on Susannah’s blog today, and just wanted to leave you a note of encouragement. We, too, are in the process of adoption from eastern Europe. You can “meet our family” on our Reece’s rainbow page: . We also have a blog, too. . Please know that we will be praying for you as you expand your family with these 2 beautiful girls!

    PS…I LOVE flowers, too. It NEVER ceases to amaze me how God LOVES to give us even our littlest desires as encouragements to us!

    Mary Winslow–NH

  2. You have an absolutely beautiful home, but I am quite sure the family in it is more beautiful!
    May both become more and more beautiful with age. 🙂
    Our dossier is going to be submitted this week. I would love to connect with you via e-mail.

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