You’re doing a blog?!!!

Maybe a better question is “WHY are you doing a blog?”  I honestly could not convince myself that I should or could do a blog.  I always feel light years behind everyone when it comes to computer technology.  (Add phone technology to that list, too.)  We probably wouldn’t even have a computer if we hadn’t received one as a gift from my parents.  Then again, maybe we would.  We just wouldn’t have had one as soon.  Nowadays it gets quite a bit of use around here with two sons doing college by distance learning.  We even had to get a second computer.  The computer has been invaluable in keeping in touch with family who don’t live nearby.  It has been invaluable during our adoption process.  There is a multitude of forms to complete and scan and send, and redo and scan and send.   My computer skills are increasing slowly, though the kids often here me say, “I need help!”  So, back to the question, WHY are you doing a blog?

On Saturday, August 31, I was chatting with a friend who was instrumental in our pursuit of adoption.  She was encouraging me to do a blog.  I had been considering it but had a list of reasons not to do so:  I wasn’t sure about publicizing our family; I thought a blog would take up too much of my time;  I didn’t know if I’d have anything to say; and I didn’t know the least thing about setting one up!  I know how stressed I can get when the computer has issues (or I have issues with the computer) and I don’t know how to fix them.  I told my friend that I would have to pray about it and see if God wanted me to do it.  I told my family that if God gave me a name for it or some clear sign, then I would do it.  Two days later I got this beautiful email from my future daughter-in-law.   “So, I was wondering, is there anything I can do to help with the adoption/fund-raising process? I would really like to be involved in the RR community.  I’m not sure in what areas I would be able to help or if no help is needed in these areas, but I had a couple ideas — Create blog? —  Raise awareness/post on the RR Facebook page? — Send fundraising letter to church/family/friends?  If this would be helpful, let me know!  I would really love to help anyway I can.” 

That was my sign.  God was pretty quick in answering, don’t you think?  Within less than a week the blog was created and ready to go.  I’ve been a little slow at figuring out how to manage it, but I’m working on it.  The blog name came out of the Scriptures that God put on my heart last fall when we began thinking of adoption, but I’ll save that story for another post.  Let’s see if I can figure out how to get this first one published!






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